I’m Enikő Ladányi, a linguist and cognitive scientist working mainly on topics related to typical and atypical language development. I started to explore this topic in children (4 to 10 years) with typical development and with developmental language disorder (DLD) as my PhD project under the supervision of Ágnes Lukács at the Department of Cognitive Science of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The focus of that research project was sentence processing and word production as well as their relationships with domain-general cognitive control.

In 2015 I joined to a Marie Curie ITN project (Predictable) which aimed to find early markers of later language problems under the supervision of Judit Gervain at Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception in Paris. More specifically, I studied the acquisition of inflections and its relationship to vocabulary development.

Since 2019 I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Music Cognition Lab of Vanderbilt University Medical Center under the supervision of Reyna Gordon. In my research I continue to explore the early markers of later language problems focusing on the role of rhythm processing and I study the relationship between rhythm and grammar processing in general.